Choice Financial Employees Launch Wishing Well Program


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Choice Financial is helping communities by granting wishes through their newly launched Wishing Well program. The program encourages individuals to identify a need and make a wish for Choice Financial to fulfill that need. Wishes can be made in local Choice Financial banks, or online at Wishes are being accepted now through November 2.

The idea for the Wishing Well was inspired by a team building event in which Choice Financial employees were challenged to develop new ways Choice Financial can build upon their core values, including to better the places they live. The Wishing Well program allows for multiple wishes to be granted across many communities.

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“During this team building exercise, we posed the question to 40 separate groups of employees, asking them how they would spend a substantial donation if given the opportunity,” says Tara McFadden, Choice Financial Vice President of Compliance. “One of our teams presented the Wishing Well concept,” continues McFadden. “We felt this concept truly embodied our #PeopleFirst values by granting multiple wishes to individuals, organizations or communities in need.”

Gaige Dunn, a Credit Banker for Choice Financial, is a member of the team that originated the Wishing Well concept and is overseeing its implementation. “It’s so amazing to see an idea that started on a phone call grow and become a reality,” Dunn says. “We felt honored that Choice Financial empowered us to create an out-of-the-box idea and trusted us to make it happen. We wanted to give that same empowerment to our customers and community members by listening to their ideas and discovering what is important to them,” Dunn continues. “At the end of the day, our #PeopleFirst commitment means we are here for our customers, communities and fellow employees.”

Choice Financial plans to begin announcing which wishes will be granted beginning in December 2018 and continue throughout the holiday season.

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